The 1 Sentence That Changed The Way You Experience Training

"Phil, if you're not happy we strongly suggest you go somewhere else!"
Phil Newton

Phil Newton

Managing Director
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This one sentence changed my life forever and subsequently yours! 

It made me realise that for Skills Shop to be truly unique we needed to offer our customers a full training “experience”.  

But first, let’s turn the clock back.

 In 2013 my First Aid at Work certificate was due to expire.  I received a phone call literally the day before the expiry date notifying me of a re-qualification course the following week. 

When did you last open up your calendar for next week and go “oh yay, I’ve got nothing planned”?

So I informed the business manager that I was busy doing conflict management training and I  would’ve appreciate a bit more notice.

That’s all I put!

So you imagine my surprise to suddenly get an email drop into my inbox titled “Urgent, Please Read”.

When I opened it, you guessed it, staring me right in the face was the below:

“It’s not my job to check your certificate it yours.  Phil, if you’re not happy we strongly suggest you go somewhere else!”

 At the time I was livid but now I’m grateful and you should be too.

Because it made us completely customer focused and its why we want

“to become your outsourced training department that manages, delivers and supports your staff in gaining confidence through life-changing skills so you never have to experience another cold cup of coffee”

 So if this is your first time of hearing about Skills Shop I encourage you to get in touch to see how we can help you.  As a prospective client said to me last week:

 “It’s a new era in how training should be” (Paul Gallagher, Choices Nursing and Care).

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