I recently had the privilege of delivering an accredited 1 Day Health & Safety in the Workplace (Level 2) course to a mixture of businesses in partnership with Cumbria Chamber of Commerce.

On the course was Mark who works for Systems Potential – SYPO.  I didn’t realise at the time that Mark struggles on courses yet the way we deliver perfectly suited his learning style.  

Because of the way our health & safety training is tailored to each individual everyone can relate it directly to their business even if they’re new to world of health & dsafety.  Read what Mark had to say below:

“Dear Phil,

Thank you very much for delivering the Health & Safety in the Workplace Training on 24 September at Newton Rigg.

I found the whole day to be informative and very useful. There was a lot of material to cover during the day and I felt that you made every effort to make the subject matter relevant to as many people as possible in the room with specific examples.

Something that particularly caught my eye were the slides that you produced as part of the training. Each one followed a set design pattern that was kept consistent throughout. This helped me focus on the subject matter at hand and not get distracted by inconsistencies in style.

Despite the length of the day, I was kept interested by your easy manner and engaging delivery and I took a lot of notes. Thank-you too for the booklet that you provided that outlines much that you covered and more. Access to the Google Drive folder with a great deal of further reading will prove invaluable as I get to grips with aspects of my new role as Health & Safety representative in the workplace.

Should the opportunity arise, I would not hesitate in taking another of your courses in the future. I have already recommended your skills as a trainer to others.

Yours sincerely,

Mark Syred, Web Developer, SYPO

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