Katy Hope Leadership Development – A Case Study

Katy Hope Leadership Development A Case Study

Does Your Website Reflect Your Values? I first met Katy during an online networking event and shortly after we connected via linkedin. I was keen to find out more about Katy and her Leadership Development programmes.  So we grabbed a virtual coffee.  During our conversation It was apparent Katy’s existing website didn’t reflect her values […]

Self-Soothing in Young People

Self Soothing In Young People blog

It is through creating dependence between you and your child that you will foster independence and self-regulation in the future.

BNI® Continues To Support The Mental Health Of It’s Members

BNI blog case study

“After completing their online First Aid for Mental Health training I can say that it’s the most thorough and personable training I’ve done around this topic which has benefitted not only my own mental health but that of my team as well.”