Katy Hope Leadership Development – A Case Study
Is your website truly reflecting your values and professionalism? Katy's story with Phil and the Skills Shop sheds light on the importance of aligning your online presence with your brand identity.
Phil Newton

Phil Newton

Managing Director
Katy Hope Leadership Development A Case Study

Does Your Website Reflect Your Values?

I first met Katy during an online networking event and shortly after we connected via linkedin.

I was keen to find out more about Katy and her Leadership Development programmes.  So we grabbed a virtual coffee.  During our conversation It was apparent Katy’s existing website didn’t reflect her values and professionalism.

Here is Katy’s experience of working with Phil and the Skills Shop.

Prior to doing business with us, what problem were you facing?

I had a website that I’d created myself when I first started out in business. It was basic, clunky and it was costing me quote a bit of money as everything else I wanted to do with it was ‘bolt-on’ that came with additional costs.  I wanted a more appealing / grown up website that was super simple to navigate and to which I could host / sell my training from, offer lead magnets and links to blogs etc… so I could easily attract and serve my existing clients.

Why did you choose Skills Shop?

Phil is very personable, knowledgeable and patient.  He took time to understand what my problems were, how this was impacting my business and what it was costing me.  He then suggested a plan for how to consolidate everything into one place with flexibility for my business to grow and expand.

What’s the biggest benefit you’ve received from working with us?

A MASSIVE cost saving through the consolidation.  With the work Phil did effectively paying for itself in the first year I have a fantastic clean and simple website.  Which is more aligned with my brand and on which I’ve received some lovely comments such as:

“I love how fresh and clean it looks.  I do love a simple site that’s easy to navigate and yours really is.  He’s done a brilliant job and he’s followed your branding colours to a tee!”.

I can do bits and pieces on my website for myself knowing Phil is there for when I need the bigger pieces of work doing.  You can check out my website here >

How would you rate your Skills Shop experience?

9 out of 10!  I’ve already recommended Phil to others as well as promoting him on social media so other people might benefit from his skills.

If you’re unhappy with your website or wish to automate more of your processes so you can enjoy life and spend more time with your family…  Why not schedule a virtual coffee with Phil to see how he can help you?

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