Why ROC Northwest & Skills Shop Are The Perfect Fit!

"Skills Shop have worked hard to do bespoke training to support the staff with children in crises and it’s been lovely working with Phil Wilson again."
Phil Newton

Phil Newton

Managing Director
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Hi I’m Phil Newton from the Skills Shop and I was first introduced to ROC Northwest last year when my friend Phil Wilson came to work for me having been employed by ROC Northwest as a registered manager of one of their children’s homes.

ROC Northwest Ltd offers residential care, education and domiciliary care for children and young people with Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Learning, Physical Disabilities and complex needs with associated challenging behaviour and young people with SEBD.

Because Phil had worked for ROC for 10 years, he understood some of the challenges the company faced when it came to planning and delivering training.  So on June 13th2018, I picked Phil up and we drove down to Mountwood Academy in the glorious sun to meet Hayley, who arranged training for the 300 staff over 12 residential homes and private school.

Hayley had agreed to meet with us as she had just been let down by their existing training provider as she needed some staff training urgently but they couldn’t accommodate her request.  She also said that they could be “hit and miss” which caused problems as new staff had to undertake certain training before they could start their duties.

In just half an hour it was clear that Skills Shop and ROC Northwest were a perfect fit as I listened to the problems Hayley faced.  I then suggested that we work together to provide an outsourced manage service that could deliver the support and life-changing skills that her staff need and deserve.

From listening to Hayley it was vital that their managed service had to include 3 things:

  1. Choice: By allowing the registered managers of each home to choose their training dates they could organise rotas to free up staff for training which leads into…

2. Flexibility:ROC Northwest have the freedom to decide nearer the time of each training date what skills are taught to their staff as well as decided who attends.  This has removed any cancellation fee costs for the organisation which can now be spent on other areas of their business.

3. Support: Just as ROC Northwest put “young people at the centre of the programmes we operate”, Skills Shop put our clients at the centre of their training experience meaning we are always on hand to offer continuous support until re-qualification.Both companies recognise and understand the importance of building and maintaining relationships and our support plan is just one way we achieve this together.

Hayley has always received excellent feedback from the courses provided, Skills Shop have worked hard to do bespoke training to support the staff with children in crises and it’s been lovely working with Phil Wilson again

Skills Shop’s is looking forward to continuing our partnership in the coming years.

To find out more about ROC Northwest Ltd, please visit their website: www.rocnorthwest.co.uk

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