As you return to work, do you feel anxious or apprehensive?

Ensure your team feel socially connected even though we remain physically distant as they return to work.
Phil Newton

Phil Newton

Managing Director
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You’ve heard of #wfh (working from home) but what about #rtw?

As we’re starting to return to work, we need to spare a thought for those among us who might be feeling apprehensive or anxious.

Uncertain times still lay ahead.

So here’s 10 things you may choose to put into place to ensure your team feel socially connected even though we remain physically distant:

  1. Conduct a “return to work” interview with your team so you can help to alleviate any concerns that might have.

2. Hold a team briefing at the beginning and end of everyday so you can focus on where you’re going and celebrate your wins at the end.

3. Be empathetic towards each other. Even though someone maybe smiling on the outside we don’t know what their inner voice is saying.

4. Focus on what you can control and don’t worry about what you can’t. The universe has an uncanny knack of working things out.

5. Ensure everyone feels included whatever their role in your organisation.  Remember, human resources are you greatest overhead but by far are your greatest resource.  Find a way for every voice to be heard without prejudice.

6. Truly listen to what your staff are telling you and make sure you act on it.

7. If you’re not already doing it introduce a weekly or monthly MVM (most valued member).  It’s a great way to recognise the hard work of your employees.

8. Each week hold a “coffee with the team”.  This could be done virtually after working hours for an hour whereby your team meet just to unwind and relax.  Now more than ever it’s critical for your employees to realise they’re not on their own.

9. If you’re an employer spend time with your team not self isolating in your office.  Not only is this great for your own mental health but spending time on the shop floor will help to appreciate and understand any concerns of your team.

10. Smile! Yes this year has been a strange one to say the least but let’s be grateful for what we’ve learnt and what lies ahead.  Smiling is infectious and a great way to boost morale and your teams mental health.

Did I miss anything or what would you add?


What else could #rtw?

[if you need Well-Being Champions in your organisation remember to check out our accredited online first aid for mental health training >]

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