Thanks Phil and Skills Shop for supporting our members…

This year BNI® UK & Ireland have continued to support its members in building relationships and finding meaningful ways through traditions and innovations to connect with each other.

Looking after the mental health of our members has been a priority for this year as it helps to underpin one of our core values of providing a positive and supportive attitude so that together we can thrive during what’s been a challenging year for business.

With the team at head office, we started to look at ways we could provide this valuable training to our Executive Directors and Director Consultants throughout UK and Ireland.

Thanks to a referral from Alasdair Ross, Executive Director for BNI® Cumbria he introduced us to Phil Newton (Director Consultant for BNI® Cumbria) who is also the Managing Director of Skills Shop Ltd.

Skills Shop helps busy professional save time and staff to gain confidence through a managed training service.

After completing their accredited online First Aid for Mental Health training I can say that it’s the most thorough and personable training I’ve done around this topic which has benefitted not only my own mental health but that of my team as well.

Skills Shop’s system means teams can instantly sign up and gain access to this course which is needed now, more than ever.  To ensure our team is supported we’ve organised for the Skills Shop trainers to do a live Q & A session after everyone has completed the course so we can better support our regional members.

I cannot recommend Skills Shop enough to any organisation that needs help and support with their health and safety training.

Thanks Phil.

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