Social Distancing at Work – Our Guide In Staying Safe

Are you prepared for your employees returning back to work or is your head in a spin thinking about social distancing at work?
Phil Newton

Phil Newton

Managing Director
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Yesterday I started to plan my big job.

I grabbed some tape, a mask and a sheet of paper to plan my escape route.

Guess what job I was planning?

Ha ha… no I wasn’t planning to rob a bank!

As the newly appointed Social Distancing Officer I was working on my Safe Working Practice Policy.

Below is my basic list of working practices that apply to my business and premises.

Skill’s Shop’s Safe Working Plan

Ingress & Egress

1. Establish a 1 way system
2. Have hand sanitizer readily available

Office Sharing

3. Create remote working rota’s where staff use a hot desk
4. Make your own drink
5. Use your own stationery
6. Remove the middle cushion from the sofas
7. Think before printing (can it be shared in ClickUp?)


8. Use the staircase in single file
9. Replace hand towels with hand dryers or paper towel dispense
10. Empty all bins daily

What Others Are Doing

I’m aware a lot of businesses are:

  • Installing desk screens
  • Implementing a roster for breaks and lunches
  • Removing seating from communal areas
  • Installing automatic door entry

What About You?

As a business owner or HSEQ manager comment below on what else you would add that applies to your business?  

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