Furlough Employees Can Still Enrol On Online Courses

Once you furlough an employee they cannot work for you but they can undertake training under the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme
Phil Newton

Phil Newton

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Did you know…

As part as the governments coronavirus job retention scheme, guidance has been released on what an employee can do when furloughed.  Specific to training it states:

Your employer will need to notify you before putting you on furlough.

Once you are on furlough you will not be able to work for your employer, but you can undertake training or volunteer subject to public health guidance, as long as you’re not:

making money for your employer

providing services to your employer

If workers are required to for example, complete training courses whilst they are furloughed, then they must be paid at least the NLW/NMW for the time spent training, even if this is more than the 80% of their wage that will be subsidised.

Q: “But they’re at home so how can they do training courses?”

Social distancing has meant Skills Shop has had to rethink it’s approach to training.  We love the buzz of being in the room with our clients seeing their confidence grow as they learn new skills.

Although we can’t see the smile on your face we know the satisfaction you still get from receiving a certificate.

Skills Shops e-learning platform will allow your staff to develop new skills from the comfort of their own home by completing online courses .  They will still have time to take care of their family and tidy up the garden shed.

Disagreements and conflict between staff can be just as disruptive to your organisation.  Give your staff the skills and techniques to resolve the situation and create a more harmonious and productive work environment by enrolling them in our  Conflict management online course.

We’re working on rolling out a new course each month so have your say on which course we should do next.

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Q: “I have multiple staff that could benefit from your online courses but cashflow is a problem…”

Have you heard of Skills Shop Pro?

It’s a unique service that can save you up to 20% on your staff training.

Fixing training costs for the next 3 years with flexible payment options has never been more important than the situation we all face together.

To discover how easy it is get your quote and for you to decide when your Skills Shop Pro experience begins simply watch the video below.

Stay safe – stay home – stay skilled with Skills Shop

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