How To Sell Online Courses

how to sell online courses
How to sell online courses - do it yourself or put your feet up and have it done for you, the choice is yours...
Phil Newton
Managing Director

Let’s Start At The Beginning

I want to take you on a journey so let’s roll the clock back to March 2020.

It’s safe to say that the world we knew would soon be changed forever.  

At the time, Skills Shop was an in-person health and safety training company.  BUT, within 4 weeks of the first lockdown, we’d taken our in-person conflict management training and transformed it into an online course.

Within 6 months, we had taken our popular health and safety training courses online, allowing our clients to choose how their training is delivered (OnDemand, Online or OnSite).

“How Do I Sell Courses Online?”

This was the specific question I got asked back in January 2021.

A LinkedIn connection asked for a one-to-one meeting so, I jumped on zoom.

During the online conversation, I was asked two key questions:

  1. “Who did your website?” and
  2. “How do I sell courses online”

The first answer is straight forward…me!

Having studied IT as part of my degree and then moved on to managing a database for an online shopping company for over 8 years, tech comes naturally to me.

I sometimes annoy my wife who can spend hours trying to get something to work and then I come along and fix it within minutes.

So What About Selling Courses Online?…

It was the second question that has taken my business in a new direction.

Pre-covid, I would never have thought that I’d be sat here in the stunning Lake District (UK) helping other corporate trainers sell courses online.

I’ve spent most of this year planning a unique hosting service by figuring out who my ideal clients are.

Which was thanks to Jane Bayler and her Ideal Client Success programme.

How My Skills Shop Can Help You

12 months ago, I spent countless nights scouring the internet looking at course platforms, watching YouTube videos and I quickly came to the following conclusions:

  1. I didn’t want my course hosting in a shared, crowded marketplace.
  2. Neither was I prepared to undersell my expertise in order to compete against someone else or worst still… increase my course prices to pay admin fees.
  3. I didn’t want to be governed by someone else’s terms and conditions that could affect my business in the future.

Hence the creation of ‘My Skills Shop’.

Do It Yourself

Even if you’re a tech wizard and already have a hosting platform, how many times have you had the good intentions to finally get your course live just for something else to crop up in your business?

That slide deck you created is still buried in a folder, in your computer, collecting virtual dust.

Each day, that new revenue stream you and your family could be enjoying is drying up.

To get out of the “how to sell your course online” drought, there’s an easier way.

Done For You Service (Recommended)

At Skills Shop, we can help build courses and funnels within your own eco-system.

This is a bespoke service specifically designed to meet your needs.

We simply go in, build out the tech and exit leaving you to market and sell your products  online.

So if you’re at the stage that you have course materials and are simply wondering how to sell your courses online, why not click here to book a no obligation demonstration of Skills Shop, to see if this is the perfect solution you’ve been searching for.

As a client of mine, I helped Phil Newton develop his exciting Skills Shop online course hosting offer, and once I realised how amazing his tech talents are I also couldn't wait to engage him as a tech consultant for my own Ideal Client Success online programme and assets. Not only does Phil have incredible tech talents, he really thinks things through in a cohesive way, becoming a technical architect and strategist as well as an implementation whizz. Don't hesitate to contact Phil about any of your automated tech requirements, he's fabulous!

Online Course Hosting Service

If you don’t have a website or you don’t want to go through the expense of buying tech and working out how to get it to talk to each other we can do it all for you.

We can create your very own Skills Shop within our site allowing you to host and sell your courses.

It’s in our best interest to ensure this service runs smoothly.

After all it’s the exact platform that we rely on.

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What Is Skills Shop?

It’s a unique online course management tool specifically designed for trainers who currently offer in-person training and want to get online without stressing about the tech.

Why It’s The Right Choice For You

If you want to stop feeling overwhelmed by all the choices out there and simply concentrate on getting your course live quickly so you add more value and over-deliver to your clients then hosting your course through Skills Shop is about as hassle-free as it gets.

How It Works

  1. Simply subscribe to a plan that currently works for you.
  2. Submit your course information and then sit back as we build out your Skills Shop for you.
  3. Sell your courses using your unique link to your existing clients and attract new ones.  The world is simply your oyster.


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