First Aid for Construction (2 Day)

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first aid for construction

Your staff will gain the critical skills and confidence to immediately help colleagues and co-workers on-site.

Course Duration: 12 hrs   |   Partial OFQUAL Accreditation Available  |  Exceeds HSE Minimum Standards

Being able to administer first aid is a critical skill that you need to know but we hope you never have to use.

61,000 construction workers are injured each year and being able to offer immediate assistance could prove the difference between life and death.

Due to the global pandemic the world has changed and first aid is no different.  So if you’re doing this course as a re-qualification you will gain valuable new skills.

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What You’ll Learn

Unit 1

Unit 2

Bonus Content

First Aid for Construction

Learn how to keep yourself safe

Knowing how to protect yourself and your casualty from transmitting the coronavirus is standard across all our first aid training courses.

All first aid training can be delivered either On-Site or as a blended course where part of it will take place online.

Why Choose Skills Shop’s First Aid for Construction Course?

Skills Shop is your go-to supplier of both in-person and online training courses for a variety of different subjects, including our First Aid for Construction Training for construction workers.

Our customers love the flexibility that we offer and being able to choose between virtual or in-person training.

For our First Aid for Construction training course, we encourage staff to learn the critical first aid skills to deal with any emergency situations.

This training course is designed specifically for the construction industry and since this is a high risk workplace, our First Aid course will be a really beneficial course for all staff members to take. Our First Aid for Construction course also ensures staff are trained to deal with emergency situations effectively through scenario based training.

All our training comes with continuous support so even after completing the training, we are always here to offer you peace of mind.

Our First Aid for Construction training course can be taken either online or in locations which are local to us. These include Manchester, Liverpool, Carlisle, Preston and Lancaster to name a few.

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